Thursday, May 11, 2017

"The shriveled, barren wombs of Europe"

Mark Steyn goes by the numbers in this new video. He shows a graph made from UN numbers by Steve Sailor. The graph shows that in 1950 Africa's population was half that of Europe. However, by the beginning of this century, Africa's population had caught up with Europe's. By the end of this century, Europe's will continue to flatline, but Africa's will continue to soar, reaching 4 billion people.

In the recent French election, the people of France voted for a guy who at age 15 married his more-than-twice-his-age drama teacher. He assured the French voters nothing needs to be done about immigration, while opponent Marine Le Pen got only one-third the vote, as she tried to warn about the immigration numbers.

Steyn says European societies which continue to accept thousands of people will see their societies transformed.

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