Monday, May 08, 2017

The 'SAFE' program

Guest post by Colleen Warshawer

This morning, while listening to an Albuquerque talk radio show, I learned of an after-school program in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, entitled the "SAFE" program. They have after-school clubs. One of those is Santa Fe Opera. One or more of the elementary schools put on an opera under the guidance of the Santa Fe Opera. The heroine was an illegal immigrant scaling the wall on the US border. Once she scaled the wall and got on the US side, she summoned wolves to surround her oppressor, who was Donald Trump, and instructed the wolves to kill him.

We are trying to find out more about this, and will post further information as we get it.

While listening to another talk radio show in Colorado on the Dan Caplis Show on station KNUS, also today, I learned of a school in northern Colorado, where students pulverized a Donald Trump pinata.

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