Sunday, May 07, 2017

The most moving interview I have seen in a long time

This is the most moving interview I have seen in many years. JameS E. Mitchell did enhanced interrogation of the 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM). In return for his work in saving American lives, he has had to fight the Obama Justice Department for 8 years.

KSM told him, "We thought you would turn tail and run, like America had done in other places where terrorists struck. But George W. Bush was determined to protect America from further attacks. After Obama, a mall cop has more choices of interrogation tactics to use than does the CIA.

We assume that if we could just convince the terrorists that in the end we just want to live in peace with them, they will back off. Nothing could be further from the truth! (Are you listening, President Trump, when it comes to dealing with the wacko bird in North Korea?)

KSM told Dr. Mitchell that our judicial system, our Bill of Rights, our civil liberties, our desire to be liked were all weapons that Allah had placed in America to enable the Islamists to defeat us! When they kill people it is an act of worship! They believe they were chosen by Allah to purge the world of anyone who doesn't think like they do!

They are not going to go away because we want them to like us! Are our leaders making decisions without knowing these truths? That was certainly true with Obama. Obama blinded himself to what is going to be the obvious ratcheting up of the terror activity. Obama famously said, more people die in the bathtub than from terrorists. Dr. Mitchell replied, "Bathtubs don't get up in the morning figuring out a way to kill more infidels!"

Germany is committing cultural suicide. We have forgiven you. You don't have to kill your culture!

Islamophobia is a tool used by terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to control our behavior. The target is the minds of the American people! The terrorists' thinking is, "We will outbreed you, immigrate into your country, wrap ourselves in your civil liberties, while we ratchet up Sharia, feed ourselves off your social welfare programs, and when the time is right, we are gonna impose Sharia from within!

Our leaders seem more interested in having progressives from other countries like us and approve of our policies.

The Obama Justice Department was stacked with lawyers who had been defending jihadists! Two other politicians who have given Mitchell hell on earth are Senators Feinstein and McCain. In addition, the media tries to anesthetize us regarding the seriousness of the threat.

Mitchell is currently being sued by two terrorists he has never met. Obama's Justice Department was uncooperative with him in terms of helping his defense.

Here is the mesmerizing interview.

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