Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"sources who wish to remain anonymous," American media tries to overturn results of an honest, legal election, President Troll on Planet Hysteria

Andrew Klavan opens today's show with a hilarious monolog about "sources who wish to remain anonymous." Every day there is another great big scandal the media reports on. Andrew points out, though, that the Comey firing was not a great big scandal. The new one today is that Trump shared something with the Russian ambassador from which the Russians may have deduced something about how we are operating in the Middle East.

Andrew says Donald Trump is a manifestation of a cry for help from all the people who are left behind between New York and Los Angeles. All the people who have been shafted by globalization.

Andrew believes American media is attempting to overturn the results of an honest, legal election!

Christian Toto has written an article about How Reporters Hide Damning Information on Liberal Stars.

Here is Andrew's article on President Troll on Planet Hysteria

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