Thursday, May 04, 2017

Should Comey be fired, should Austrian women wear headscarves in unity with Muslim refugees, should female circumcision be as widely practiced in the US as male circumcision, should schools get rid of books?

On Tucker Carlson'show last night, a lot of interesting topics were explored. Up first was FBI Director James Comey, who got quite emotional in his testimony before Congress. Attorney Joe Digenova said Comey should be fired, because his July 5, 2016, testimony before Congress usurped the function of prosecutors. The Department of Justice staff were afraid to contradict Comey. Does Comey have a political agenda? DiGenova says no, but he thinks Comey sees himself as the most righteous man in the world.

In Austria, their president suggests that all women should wear headscarves in unity with Muslim women.

An anthropologist came on to debate Tucker on Female Genital Mutilation. She said that what is being done on little girls is not even as invasive or intense as male circumcision. Tucker seemed uncomfortable even discussing the issue, but the anthropologist said in "our culture we do not discriminate," meaning that they circumcise both girls and boys. She said that although a female doctor in Michigan is accused of female genital mutilation, what actually happened was just a "nick" in the foreskin of the clitoris. However, in the US, parents take their baby boys in to get the entire foreskin removed! Tucker was mainly objecting to the fact that little girls have no power in the matter. The anthropologist claimed that there are 100 deaths each year from male circumcisions.

Finally, there is a school in New York City that is getting rid of all their books! This is a school in which only 9 percent of students in the 6th-8th grades pass the state's English test! The principal referred to books as "ancient relics." Yet, the school does not have enough computers to replace the books.

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