Friday, May 12, 2017

OPEC is begging the US to hold back on oil production.

Ace comments,
This is very wonderful news. That these bastards, who have long enjoyed extracting money from us by artificially restricting supply, and have used the Oil Weapon against us again and again, and have used their oil wealth to prop up communist regimes (see Venezeula) or fund terrorist groups (see most of the Gulf states) or to both prop up a communist regime and fund terrorist groups (see Russia) are now begging us to help them do these things by making ourselves poorer is... well it's just about the most beautiful thing I've read in a year.

And who is again who is anti-fracking? And who is pro-fracking?

And which side does Russia propagandize for? Right, they pay money to anti-fracking propaganda groups in order to get us to stop making so much oil.

And the left supports that, and Trump opposes that (and supports fracking).

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