Friday, May 19, 2017

Loyalty, blending in with the curtains, shaking hands instead of hugging, bayonets in the back, an investigation in search of a problem

Laura is disgusted with Republicans like McCain who cannot stand up to the media and Support Trump. They are frozen scaredy cats intimidated by the media. Laura hinted that next they will come after Pence. Whose number three in line to power? Paul Ryan!

Laura sees Comey as a drama queen who always wants to be the center of attention. Except that one meeting right after the inauguration when Trump had in the west wing all the law enforcement people to thank them for protecting him during the inauguration.

Then, when Trump called his name to come forward Comey was determined not to hug Trump. So he reached out to shake hands, but Trump is a hugger, so he still pulled Comey in for the handshake!

By the way, how do you blend in when you are 6'7" like Comey?

Laura points out that Rosenstein worked for Obama, and has no loyalty to Trump. Trump asking for loyalty does not equal obstruction of justice!

What we have here is an investigation in search of a problem! Pat Buchanan believes Trump needs to ask the FBI for a parallel investigation into the unmasking and leaking. Laura says this is a political war. She says to the Republicans, "If you want to support the Democrats, go over to their side!" If she were in a foxhole with these Republicans, she would worry about getting a bayonet in her back!

Laura points out that you can be loyal to your boss and still follow the rule of law. Sessions should also have had loyalty from Rosenstein. The way these special counsels work is you have to prove yourself innocent! They have unlimited money and lawyers trying to find something on the skunk at the establishment's picnic (Trump).

Trump 15,000 mile foreign tour begins today.

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