Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Erdogan thugs beat up protesters in DC

Ace of Spades has video of Erdogan's security enforcers beating up protesters in America in the nation's capital.
Consequences must follow, up to and including arrest.

Diplomatic immunity generally only covers specified persons, usually only top officials and top staff. Others have a more limited immunity, if any at all.

Here's the least that can be done: Erdogan's retinues in the future will be denied any sort of immunity whatsoever. If he wants to come, he either comes with thugs subject to arrest and prosecution, or he comes alone.

At a minimum.

Erdogan is making his own play for rightful "Caliph." Don't kid yourselves. He's positioning himself to be the real Caliph of the Caliphate.

Displays of power like this on the soil of the Great Satan will thrill the rootless rowdies who fill the ranks of terrorist organizations.

Letting Erdogan go without consequences will make Trump look perilously weak.

I didn't mortgage my credibility backing a president who lets Islamists bust heads of protesters on American soil itself.
Watch the video here.

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