Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Can we be calm and objective, or do we have to be tribal?

Episode 310 of the Andrew Klavan Show is another good one. First, he notes that the media has decided to push the meme that Trump is a danger to journalism. Andrew says, not enough of a danger to get them to stop lying! His introductory monolog is superb! It is about "the dying roar of a corrupt industry that has been caught lying."

Mona Charon cautions us not to be blinded to our own side's mistakes. She states that Jared Kushner went abroad and was selling Visas for a $500,000 contribution to his business! I definitely want to look into that one!

Another thing Mona lists as Trump's biggest failure is that he has not put nearly enough political appointees in the bureaucracies to help him achieve his objectives for each bureaucracy.

Andrew concludes by discussing Moses and the burning bush. God wants us to be free to decide!

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