Monday, May 15, 2017

"An armistice is always a prescription for another war in about twenty years!" Trump's Commencement speech, voter fraud, Trump's White House

A highlight for me of today's Laura Ingraham Show was when Victor Davis Hanson came on the program to talk about the Koreas. We beat the Chinese militarily in the Korean War, we beat the North Koreans militarily. Instead of victory, we settled for a negotiated armistice. Now a utopian age? Russians had the bomb, supported Mao. Incomplete victory. Ever since then that is the way we fought every war: settle for fifty percent, not total victory! We had to accept the caveat of being threatened by nuclear weapons (Russia). We didn't build a dynamic missile defense system. We accepted that caveat and the 26,000,000 people of North Korea have suffered since. An armistice is always a prescription for another war in about twenty years!

Laura lauded Trump's Commencement address at Liberty University. She loved how he embraced the outsider status and encouraged the graduates to do the same. He also invoked faith: "In America, we don't worship government; we worship God!

Will Calista Gingrich be the next American ambassador to the Vatican?

Chris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State, has been picked by President Trump to head a commission looking at voting irregularities. Democrats oppose the commission, saying voter fraud doesn't exist. Laura wonders what they are afraid of.

Laura asked Chris how many times he has met with Trump since the election, and what is it like at the White House. He said it was very busy on the 4 times he has met with Trump, from early morning til late at night. Comparing his meetings with Trump to the meetings he had with George W. Bush, he described Trump as asking lots of questions, then being very decisive.

Laura is sick of Jared Kushner criticizing the press secretaries for the handling of the Comey firing. They met with the press five minutes after the firing! Laura suggested maybe Jared and Ivanka should meet with the press next time with five-minute warnings!

On the firing of Comey, the word is that Bannon thought the timing was wrong and recommended against it. Kushner was for it.

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