Wednesday, May 03, 2017

2017 budget CR, Trump's mental health, illegal immigration

Laura began her show taking a look at the way the media is ridiculing Donald Trump. She notes the ageism ("marked change")("not okay"), and many are calling him insane because he said he's willing to meet with the North Korean dictator. Laura says, "Here is what's insane: doing the same globaloney policies over and over and expecting a different result! Senator Tom Cotton is a guest on the program, and he points out that all recent presidents have "kicked the can down the road" on North Korea.

Laura again today was very critical of the White House Communications staff for allowing John Dickerson to stand toe-to-toe with Trump in a Face the Nation interview.

Laura asked Senator Cotton if he is going to support the Continuing Resolution on the 2017 budget that is 1665 pages full of pork. He said he did not know, and that he particularly disliked the H1B Visa program being funded again.

Laura ridiculed Republicans who first told us "We need to win the House," then the Senate, then the Presidency, and now a supermajority in the Senate to get rid of filibusters.

Laura said people supported Trump because they thought he could negotiate a better deal, but this budget resolution is not a better deal overall. Yes, there is more money for the military, more money for securing the border, money for school choice, but there are also hundreds of pages of pork.

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