Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tucker Carlson's show last night

Democrat Bob Beckel: "It would be a problem if a presidential candidate didn't try to make contact with major foreign powers around the world!" Hillary supporters are reaching too far, trying to justify their loss without looking at themselves and their candidate.

Second segment: What makes a nation? The Netherlands are holding an election tomorrow. Kurt Wilders advocates pulling the Netherlands out of the European union and halting Muslim immigration. Steve King advocates the rule of law and assimilation.

Segment three: Planned Parenthood's number two executive refuses to answer Tucker's "What is that thing that has a heartbeat?" question. Tucker summarizes, "That was a uniquely shallow conversation, Dawn, but thanks for joining us!"

Segment four: Rod Dreher writes a book alleging America is now hostile to Christian believers.

Segment five: Is Congress doing anything?


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