Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fascist political thought police

Shari Goodman writes at American Thinker,
The mainstream establishment media, which is no longer an unbiased source of information, has become the mouthpiece for the Democratic Left. They give voice, legitimacy, and cover while Conservatives are smeared as bigots, homophobes, racists, and fascists. It advances a narrative which it hopes will lead to the delegitimization of President Trump and his eventual impeachment.

Thus, it is Conservatives who are blamed and smeared for ruining the environment, for Wall Street greed, for maintaining Judeo/Christian biblical values, and for seeking to preserve our culture, language, and sovereignty. Conservative speakers are no longer welcome on college campuses much as Jews were no longer welcome at German universities decades ago. Conservatives have become caricatures and are subjected to ridicule on American television and in newspapers. The marketplace of ideas is verbotten among many of the institutions that are now controlled by the Left. Instead of a free marketplace of ideas, we have a fascist political thought police that takes Conservatives to task for crossing the acceptable political and social gibberish designed by the Left.

Our institutions, media, and Hollywood define our culture. They have created a climate of hate that threatens the exercise of free speech for Conservatives as well as for their safety. Given the hostile environment created by the Left with the aid of the media, is it any wonder that elderly Trump supporters were recently beaten up at a Trump rally in California or that Conservatives are afraid to wear any memorabilia that would identify them as Trump supporters. In today’s America, Conservatives are branded, targeted, ridiculed and punished for their beliefs much as the Jews were targeted and persecuted in pre-Holocaust Europe.

The past should have taught us the danger of vilifying fellow citizens. But in today's America, Conservatives are the new Jews to be ridiculed, shamed and ostracized. We know where that road led to in the past. Do we really want to go down that road again?
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