Sunday, March 19, 2017

"The temporary discomfort of a terrorist doesn't outweigh my moral obligation to save lives!"

Mark Steyn interviews psychologist James E. Mitchell, who waterboarded Khalid Sheik Muhammed, the mastermind of 9-11. Did you know that the terrorists who pulled off 9-11 had planned to follow up with a nuclear attack on one of our largest cities? They thought George W. Bush would follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton!

He has endured 8 years of persecution from Obama and Obama's justice department!

"Now the mall cop has more choices about what interrogation techniques to use than the CIA!"

We assume it is important for them to like us. If they only understood that we want to live in peace with them, then everything would be okay. But, it is exactly the opposite. There will be peace when there is no longer any opposition to them!

When they slaughter people who are helpless to prevent it, that is the way they show their love for Allah!

Our decision makers in foreign policy do not understand how jihadists think!

"Islamophobia" is something the Muslim Brotherhood has made up to keep people from saying what is actually occurring!

They think our civil liberties are gifts from Allah that they can take advantage of!!

The day Obama took office, he fired the interrogators of the jihadist killers. There was even talk of abandoning us in war zones to find our own way home.

The media tried to anesthetize people.

"If the people on Flight 93 can give their lives, then I can give up my professional preciousness."

"Maybe Senator Feinstein can trade places with me the next time there is an attack." "Or maybe reporters can go get the information necessary to save lives!"

"Most of the time I recognize it's not the Americans who are doing this to me; it is the political class!"

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