Monday, March 20, 2017

Gorsuch hearings begin

I turned into the Gorsuch hearings, and right away Senator Blumenthal from Connecticut threatens nominee Gorsuch. Interestingly, whenever Blumenthal raised his left hand off the table, the hand shook uncontrollably. I didn't notice it so much with his right hand. There is no way Blumenthal will support this nomination.

Blumenthal was followed by senators from Idaho and North Carolina, both of whom were supportive to Gorsuch.

They were followed by a senator from Hawaii who talked about protesting a war (Viet Nam)? She is worried about Trump. She also alleged that Gorsuch rarely rules on behalf of the little guy.

After she was finished virtue-signalling, a senator from Louisiana spoke. He supports Gorsuch. "I'm looking for a judge, not an ideologue. I want a cross between Socrates and Dirty Harry."

Senator Gardner from Colorado was next. He strongly supports Gorsuch, and he said John Elway also supports Gorsuch. Oh well, then, he must be confirmed!

Senator Bennet from Colorado was next. He attacked Trump and whined about the Senate's failure to confirm Judge Garland. He needs to be defeated in the next election.

Next was the Neal Katyal, Acting Solicitor General under Obama. He is a part-time Coloradan. He whined about the failure to confirm Garland, but he supports Gorsuch. Gorsuch supports rule of law. Gorsuch has humility and ability.

Now Gorsuch raised his right hand and was sworn in by Senator Grassley from Iowa. Then, an emotional moment in which he thanked and hugged his wife Louise. Then a salute to his two daughters back in Colorado, another to his mom and dad and grandparents. Good sense of humor shone through his testimony. Several mentions of courage, Byron White, Justice Kennedy, Scalia, Justice Jackson. The rule of law in America is the envy of the world. In the west, we seek consensus. My daughters tell me that putting on a robe does not make me smarter!

Judges should be neutral and independent. Not legislate! Only thing that is relevant: the law and the facts before the court.

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