Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There are Limits to this Organic Thing

A customer came up to my cashier stand at my weekend job with a dozen brown organic eggs costing $4.50. The woman informed me, without prompting from me, "These are worth every penny of what they cost!" I agreed, and told her I live on a farm where some of our hens are still giving us 4 to 6 eggs a day, even in the cold winter months. She was impressed, until I told her how delicious the goats' milk is. She quietly backed away.

Organic eggs were one thing, but drinking milk from a goat was quite another! She had a limit. She would not cross that line! She couldn't wait to get out of that store!


Terri Wagner said...

It takes time. My dad loves the Greek Isles in all of his traveling and loves goat's milk best of all...while I have trouble drinking any other milk than what's at Walmart.

Gecko said...

Mmm, yummy fresh goats milk, easy to digest. I raised my kit on it and goats cheese made with garlic and herbs. My friend lost all but three of her beautiful family of Nubians in the terrible fires we had here in SB.
Did you know that Nubians give three times the amount of milk?

Mrs. Who said...

Obviously that woman has never had goats' milk ice cream...yum, yum!