Sunday, December 02, 2012

Oh little town of Benghazi

The Peoples Cube has Marxmas cards and songs. A glorious collection of Marxmas songs in a soon-to-be-released CD:

• What Child is This - who cares, just give his mother a check. • Frosty the Snowman melted - because you drive an SUV • O Non-Denominational Holiday Tree • I'll Be Homeless For Christmas • Last Christmas I gave you paycheck, the very next day you have it away • Ooh little town of Benghazi • Canines roasting on an open fire • Good rest Ye liberal Mental Men • Silent Media • We Three Bureaucrats • Silvers Bells.........more secure than your dollar bills • It would have been a truly silent night if Planned Parenthood Bethlehem had their act together • Fed Rest Ye Lazy Gentlemen (your check is on its way) Remix • All I want for Christmas is to tax the rich

ThePeoplesComrade 12/1/2012, 9:10 pm User avatar "We Three Kings of Orient Are ... Coming To Collect" "Away in a Chapter 11" "Go Tell It To The Republicans" "Hark! The Congressional Budget Office Screams" "O Little Income We Have Left" "We Wish You a Merry Infinite Debt"

Sugar Daddy Bear 12/2/2012, 12:37 am User avatar Rudolph The Red Star Bolshevic Grandma Got Run Over By A Community Organizer Have A Hopey Changey Marxmas I'll Be Home (In A Gulag) For Marxmas Go Tell It On The Mountain Of Debt Jingoism Bells

To read a Marxmas card, go here:

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