Thursday, December 06, 2012

Morality, Responsibility, and Religion

Harvey Mansfield, Harvard's "pet dissenter," believes that Obama's silence about the future is "ominous." Mansfield points out in a Wall Street Journal interview that all Obama did was attack the other side in the 2012 elections, giving no hint of what he would like to accomplish in the next four years, other than free condoms and more liberal terms for student loans. Mansfield, who is 80-years-old, says, "I live in a one party state, very much more so a one party university."

Mansfield asserts that the Obama presidency is the spiritual culmination of the progressive agenda, which was started "at the turn of the previous century by "an alliance of experts and victims."

Mansfield believes "we have to take measures to teach the poor and vulnerable to become a little more independent and to prize independence, and not just live for a government check. That means self-government within each self, and where are you going to get that except with morality, responsibility and religion?" Read more here:

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