Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Let's have some more laws that criminals can ignore.

Bob Costas tries to clear up what he meant when he talked about athletes carrying guns:

Ace of Spades helps him out:

The "teenage kids" have those guns illegally. Many will have records, and so cannot obtain a gun license. The rest will just never seek a gun license, because it's all but impossible to secure one in most cities. Same for any citizen.

So, the people he's talking about should not, by law, have guns, and yet they do. His preferred strategy? Let's have some more laws that criminals can ignore.

No, seriously, only the law-abiding abide the law. It's sort of implicit in the words themselves. Look them up in a dictionary, Bob. I'm not making this up.

No one ever explains why it's critically important to strip rights away from law-abiding persons.

I feel like using the gay marriage argument against them -- they are fond of saying "My marriage doesn't affect yours." How about, "My gun -- lawfully purchased, and lawfully used -- doesn't effect someone else's illegal gun, and their illegal gun doesn't affect mine."

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