Monday, December 17, 2012

A convenient excuse for avoiding responsibillities, or the pounding of a tell-tale heart?

Daren Jonescu writes today at American Thinker about Hillary in Hiding.

Already, the internet is resounding with a chorus of "How convenient!" (See here and here, for example.) Many, upon hearing this news, are assuming that Clinton, who has been hedging for a month on whether to appear at the congressional hearings, has concocted yet another excuse to avoid facing the music on a scandal which, if pursued with integrity, would likely end her political career, to put it mildly.

I, on the contrary, would like to give Secretary Clinton the benefit of the doubt on this one. Though I have never participated in a cover-up involving the brutal murder and defilement of people under my direct employ, I can only imagine that if I had, and if I were being called on the carpet to answer questions about my role in events surrounding a seven-hour terrorist assault on my representatives in Libya, and the subsequent disinformation campaign being managed, in part, out of my office, I would be feeling sick to my stomach, too. I imagine I might even faint, as the day of reckoning approached.

The basic question here is whether Hillary Clinton has so completely dissolved her own moral core -- the way her boss and fellow Alinskyite clearly has done -- that she is incapable of feeling even the fear of self-revelation when she is called to account for her words and actions. In other words, is this week's illness and fainting spell just a convenient excuse for avoiding her responsibilities, or might it be the pounding of a tell-tale heart?

Never having sat on my hands for several hours while receiving live reports and images of my employees being attacked by Ansar al-Sharia, I cannot say for certain how I would feel in her situation.

Never having received communications from men in distress pleading for rescue or support, and done nothing to respond to their cries for help, I can only speculate as to how I would feel if a committee -- some of whose members are not my political allies -- wanted to ask me what happened.

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Terri Wagner said...

Hilary once fired an entire travel office, scandalized the Rose firm, had FBI files suddenly appear in her care, had secret meetings about healthcare...does anyone doubt her ability to slither away in the darkness? I don't.