Sunday, November 04, 2012

Romney makes one last visit to Colorado

Ret. Lt. Col. (and Ph.D.) Curt Dale files this report after the Romney rally in Colorado last night. "I just got back from a huge Romney Rally at Fiddler's Green in Denver (Englewood). WOWWWW! JUST WOWWW!. Ann Romney spoke, introducing Mitt. Just terrific. He is really on the stump with good stuff. Powerful Stuff! Fiddler's Green is supposed to be filled at 17,500 folks. So, I think we can say it was packed, and they were still flowing in when it was underway. Former Congressman Bob Beauprez did a warmup speech and he made some strong comments about Benghazi and the "people left behind." That brought everyone to their feet and a standing ovation. I think it's fair to say that there wasn't a person there who didn't know that we are being lied to on a steady basis by Obama. Wow, did I enjoy it. Just before he comes on stage, the teleprompters disappear. It is amazing to me how much his speaking has improved as the months go by. He's always been a good one, but tonight the little stutter and hesitations are essentially gone. Not slick! Just smooth! He looks at the people, not a teleprompter. When he told of the American Flag that Boy Scouts from Monument CO got on the Challenger. Of course Challenger blew up, but after a long period of time, that plastic container for the flag was found and presented to the Scout Troop. He then had the Scoutmaster come out, carrying the encased flag that survived the Challenger explosion. Wow! The place erupted. I just don't see how you could get the folks into a higher fever pitch than what I saw tonight. Apparently the same happened in Colorado Springs, and there were 30,000 people at the big rally in Ohio yesterday. WOW! Mitt put it well tonight. Yesterday, Obama called for the crowd to vote against Romney for Revenge. Mitt said, "I asked you to vote for love of America!" Wow! God Bless America and God Bless Mitt Romney!" Curt

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Terri Wagner said...

If he wins, we'll gonna be ok.