Sunday, November 04, 2012

A Rock's Life

My son Greg, age eleven, has been studying rocks in science class. Here is the story he wrote about a rock: THE ROCK CYCLE by Rambo Rock, (a very sarcastic rock) Today I began my harsh journey in the mountains. I was at the top when all of the glacier ice melted, and I was carried to a river. I floated down the river to the soil. After that something happened that really sucked: an avalanche! It pushed me into the freezing cold ocean. Then, wind erosion happened, and I came back to the soil. There was a small stream that carried silt and rocks (me) back to the ocean: BLEAHHH! Then, guess what? I was broken down by the water (again, BLEAHHH!) and brought all the way back to the mountains by the wind. Then, ice melted, and carried me to the river, where I became a small, worthless, sediment. The river then carried me to the soil. I broke up and went to the Earth's interior, and stayed there forever (BLEAHHH!)

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Terri Wagner said...

He needs to write a kid's book.