Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Can't imagine. Can't believe...Miracle!"

Ann Voskamp shares stories of a daughter's heart, estrangement, forgiveness, and grace.

"Your heart can’t forgive. That’s why He gave you His."

When you don’t think you can forgive what she’s said about you —-

When you don’t think you can forget what he’s done to you –

When it’s His heart beating in you — you can forgive in a heart beat.

I look up from the sink. The Christmas tree is there by the fireplace — and it’s right there, what all the hard relationships, gatherings, families need at Christmas:

The Tree is where God’s grace does heart transplants: God takes broken hearts —- and gives you His.

Ann then tells the story of her husband's brother's recent heart surgery:

That they cut a 3 inch tumor out of the Farmer’s brother’s heart. That only four days later the Farmer drove his brother back home to his farm. That they prayed thanks for startling grace.

That it’s really true: That right where you don’t believe… is where God meets with a miracle.

That miracles happen in a heart beat.

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