Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blind hatred of Saul Alinsky and blind adoration of Ronald Reagan will not solve the problem!

Michelle Malkin, who modestly entitles her blog The Mirror of the United States, wrote yesterday about how political correctness causes disasters like the one Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. While I agree with her lament that de-institutionalizing the mentally ill was a mistake, I disagree with where she places the blame and the credit. She blames Saul Alinsky! The title of her piece is Alinsky Works For Us Now.

Michelle credits Ronald Reagan for his stance on gun control. However, I also remember that Governor Reagan signed the bill making it much more difficult to institutionalize mentally ill persons. Ricochet has a historical summary here:

No one forced Governor Reagan to sign that legislation, which seemed reasonable to most people at the time. It has turned out to be an absurd mistake. I remember when I was a child protection caseworker, and would at times try to get the courts to institutionalize crazy people. If I was successful, the person would get put on a 72 hour hold, then be right back in the community!

Blind hatred of Saul Alinsky and blind adoration for Ronald Reagan will not help solve the problem!

Read Michelle's piece here:

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