Saturday, November 17, 2012

Which is the tail, and which is the dog?

Both Rush Limbaugh and Ace at Ace of Spades are saying it is the culture, not the politics. Ace: "We have to understand which part is the tail and which is the dog. Politics is not the dog. Politics is the tail that gets wagged. Culture is the dog that wags the tail. This was Breitbart's main idea, that politics was simply the expression of choices and preferences that had already been decided by the culture."

Update: At the same blog, Laura W. says it is political. "Self-reliance and prosperity are also immensely attractive, as a cultural and practical matter, and carry natural economic theory and political payloads with them. We can push back, guys. Ideas plus action. That parallel-institutions thing Breitbart was talking about. It's brilliant. We keep talking about how this is cultural, not political. Oh really? We have a much longer-established cultural history as rugged individualists than squishy collectivists. We have to find ways to encourage entrepreneurship and business education at the grassroots level. We have to encroach physically with these programs, into geographic areas currently hostile to conservative thought."

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Terri Wagner said...

It's the culture I'm firmly on that side.