Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Monagamy is less time-consuming"

Stacy McCain connects feminism to Paula Broadwell: "My point is not that feminism causes adultery, but rather that the feminist rhetoric of “empowerment” provides a convenient rationalization for such behavior, and that feminism privileges the interests of a relatively small cadre of women (elite careerist strivers like Paula Broadwell) over the interests of others.

The inherent selfishness of feminism — its meaning as the expression of the power-oriented ambitions of a self-interested elite — is what needs to be examined. As is so often true in radical politics, the demand for “equality” is a precursor to the demand for hegemonic superiority."

Also from Stacy (when he learned of the huge number of emails Petraeus sent to try to win Broadwell back: "One argument for monogamy: It’s less time-consuming."

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