Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What Michael Bloomberg is up to

From Ace of Spades:
Privately-Funded Prosecutions: Michael Bloomberg Paying "Fellows" to Embed Themselves in State and Local Government to File Lawsuits -- With the State's Authority -- Against the Left's Enemies
—Ace of Spades
These positions are not provided for by law, so there is no money budgeted for salaries.

So Michael Bloomberg just pays his anti-gun minions to serve in state and local government and harass energy companies.

Ace links to an article in Real Clear Investigations by Jeff Patch.
A New York University School of Law program funded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg is placing lawyers in the offices of Democratic state attorneys general and paying them to prosecute energy companies and challenge Trump administration policies on energy and the environment.

Nine states and Washington, D.C., including New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania, are participating in the multimillion-dollar program funded by the media magnate and ex-New York City mayor, who re-registered as a Democrat this week amid expectations of a run for president in 2020.
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