Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We have a problem dealing with mental illness, our culture is heavily influenced by less than 10% of us; meanwhile, America is the best country on the face of the earth!

In Andrew's opening monolog: "The Washington Post, where democracy dies in sanctimonious virtue-posturing, is the go-to source for uninformed Leftists with underlying mental health issues"

Why are villains more interesting to people than heroes? Andrew thinks it is because we lie about heroes, but we tell the truth about villains. We recognize ourselves in the villain. Andrew believes in telling all the flaws that the hero has, making the hero more interesting. Each of us has a path to decency that is different from others.

25% of Americans are conservative. 8% are progressives: 8% of the people dominate the narrative and are creating this division between us. It doesn't have to be there!. Andrew estimates that 85% of the media are in the progressive group. Everyone else are in the "exhausted majority." Andrew believes that 70% of us could come to terms on 70% of the issues.

We have a problem dealing with mental illness in this country. No one in the media wants to talk about it because it doesn't fuel the outrage machine. Almost all of the people who have committed heinous acts in recent years are mentally ill. They end up in prison where they may not get the treatment they need. We need asylums where violence-prone mentally ill people can be forced into treatment.

Anti-semitism exists because people hate God. Christianity blossoms out of the soul of Judaism.

David Limbaugh is Andrew's guest. He has written a new book entitled Jesus is Risen. The resurrection happened over a period of forty days. God made us in His image. He didn't make us to evolve into His image.

Trump has given us a template on how to fight, which is why we have Trump! The Left wants to destroy the fundamental principles on which this country was founded. We do not have to fight as dirty as the Left does but we do have to fight as intensely! Somebody has got to get Trump's ear on entitlements. Those are some of the thoughts David shared with Andrew. David is clearly related to Rush!

The WalkAway march happened this weekend. Candace Owens is calling for Blexit, the Black exit from the Democratic Party. Thousands of people showed up for the march. Young black leaders met personally with President Trump. The melting pot was the right idea! All of us can walk away from the aura of crisis, hatred, and anger being created by the 8%!

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