Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Red, Right, Republican!

Guest post by
Suzann Darnall

I am amazed at the attacks I have been receiving from so-called Conservatives for voting a straight Republican ticket! Even on websites which go under titles which include the word Republican. Some even go under the dual Republican and Conservative identifications.

I have been accused of being prejudiced for pre-judging candidates who identity as Democrats or with other non-Republican parties. I have been lectured about how I need to study the candidates and the issues individually. I have just flat been called names and accused of stupidity. In short, I have felt more like I was dealing with people from the Left than people who are supposedly on my side.

Well, to all y’all who are picking and choosing amidst the candidates and voting for a few Ds, a few Rs, and possibly an I or some other party, let me just say, “NO”!!! Some are voting outside the Rs ‘cause they know the other candidate. Some are choosing a D or an L ‘cause they wanna save the Alamo or Cenotaph. Others have their own varied reasons for voting across party lines. I just wanna tell them that they are missing the big picture while they are focusing on the minute details.

Trump, America, and Conservatism are in the fight for freedom. Any vote for anyone that is not an R is giving support to those who would do us harm. Yes, yes, yes! I know not all Rs are perfect. But, at least every R gives us a greater chance to deny majorities to the Ds. Plus, denying the Ds support from the bottom up gives us a greater chance to topple their towers of power all the way from local to Washington, DC.

I will not ever vote for a Democrat again. I have been lied to for far too many times about some D candidate being pro-life, pro-gun, pro-military, smaller government, or lower taxes. And, it always seems that local Ds who espouse Conservatism start moving further and further Left as they move up the ladder to higher offices. Consequently, I will not support anyone for any position who is not registered as an R.

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