Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"America is a sovereign nation, not an international charity."

Michael Wash writes in PJ Media,
In today's installment of exploding heads, President Trump has proposed to overturn, via executive order, the constitutionally dubious "birthright citizenship" interpretation of the 14th Amendment. There's no question he has the authority to issue such an order in his capacity as president and commander-in-chief -- each of the three branches is equally responsible for fidelity to the Constitution, and each is free to interpret it as it sees fit.

...our immigration laws were designed for lawful immigration, with some carve-outs for genuine refugees and asylum-seekers. What they were not designed to do is absorb a calculated onslaught of lawbreakers with no beneficent intent; instead, these people are very clear about their purpose: to manipulate the loopholes of the laws, force entry, earn money, and send it back home to their "countries" of origin -- three of which (Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador) are among the most savage and violent places on earth. America has no domestic need for these people, and no moral obligation to admit them, especially under these circumstances. There is no war ongoing in their homelands (the violence is entirely of their own making, and cultural history) and economic "refugees" can apply through proper channels like everybody else. America is a sovereign nation, not an international charity.

...contrary to the popular understanding of Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court is not the sole arbiter of what is constitutional. Each member of the three branches swears an oath to uphold the constitution, and none of the three is superior to the others in its understanding of what is or is not constitutional. The president has a strong argument to make that, with an invading army of cultural hostiles heading our way, his responsibility for American national security trumps whatever claim foreign nationals have on our goodwill, hospitality -- or citizenship.

Given the burgeoning ranks of the illegals, their citizen anchor babies, their family chain-reunifications, all of which are visibly changing the character of the American nation without anyone having voted to do so, this is an argument that's long overdue. Let's have it, and let's have it now.
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