Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Guest post
by Suzann Darnall

I am tired of hearing people talking about how we need to have “free health services”, “socialized medicine”, or “national health care”. No! No, we don’t! To do so is to open the door just that little bit wider for government to steal more of our personal freedom and ultimately impact our personal well-being.

Do those asking for the government takeover of healthcare not realize that Hitler and the Nazis nationalized everything and Soviet Russia’s Communists socialized everything? Do they not understand history? Do they not even understand the words and phrases they are using?

Like the word “free”. When used in conjunction with the government providing something for “free”, we must always remember that nothing is free! Someone bears the cost of everything that the government gives away. Oh, yeah, that would be the taxpayers. We, the American citizens, will pay for everything free from the government. Whether the tab is due in raised taxes or more debt to the Chinese “loan sharks”. The bill will come due and I am not sure we can pay the toll on all these government freebies.

Medicine is not a place where the government needs to be intruding. Government involvement has led to rocketing costs in all aspects of healthcare. Drugs, hospitalization, insurance, doctors, to name just a few. Healthcare should have never been anything but between doctor and patient. The ever-encroaching intrusion of government and bureaucrats into patient care is literally killing people. Life and death decisions are being made by paper-pushers and bookkeepers instead of doctors and patients. That is just wrong.

We have got to stand strong and push our government to start repealing the disaster that is the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare. The ACA is not AFFORDABLE, no one in charge of the plans seems to CARE about the patients, and if we do not ACT soon it will be too late!!!

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