Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Donald Trump is the man the American people sent to answer the Leftists

The self-righteous emotionalism of our opponents is one of Andrew's points of emphasis in his opening monolog. Then, this zinger: "When someone tries to hijack our national political conversation with violence, all people of good will come together to blame the other side!"

Do you like the Left declaring what we can and cannot say? Megyn Kelly was canned by NBC and walked away with millions so Andrew is not grieving for her. But he is sick of the Left's opposition to free speech.

Who is responsible for the discourse in the U.S.? The media blames Donald Trump, but Andrew blames the media. Unity? We only have to have unity on one thing: that we are allowed to disagree! That we agree not to be rude and uncivil. Andrew plays a clip of Trump urging Americans to settle their differences peacefully at the ballot box.

Andrew noted that nothing sets off the Left like the truth. It is like watching bugs run around in a box; they do not know where to go next when they are exposed by someone telling the truth. Apparently, the media reacted negatively to Trump's recommendation that they take a look at themselves. They are surrounded by themselves; people who think and believe just like they do! Donald Trump is the man the American people sent to answer them.

The despicable New York Times featured a book about assassinating President Trump yesterday in the Book Review section. Andrew reminds us that many on the Left also fantasized about assassinating George W. Bush.

The NYTimes also featured in their Philosophy section a guy from Emory University ginning up hatred, apologizing for being male.

Andrew plays a clip from the Babylon Bee about who Democrats are.

Andrew's guest is "Roaming Millennial," Lauren Chen, who has a popular YouTube channel. She is a Canadian. She grew up in Hong Kong. Andrew has noticed that Canadians are clueless. Her channel is about the intersection of culture and politics. Progressive Leftism is permeating the culture here as well as in Canada. She is now on CRTV. She is a Christian.

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