Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Klavan on freedom

People do not want to be free. They want to be safe and they want you to take care of their problems. People also don't want you to be free. They want to control you. They want to tell you what to think and what to do. This is especially true with people in power. They love power. They want to use power.

The founders of America built something called the Constitution. It is a document for people to be free even though some people don't want it and other people want to take away from you. It is supposed to be a list of powers the federal government has. If it is not on the list, the feds do not have the power! The Constitution has had to be amended to clarify certain rights, such as freedom of speech.

Progressives like Woodrow Wilson have said that life has gotten too complex for you to be free; it has to be run by experts. FDR said this is a document from the horse and buggy days.

Every vehicle of communication is dominated by the Left. The Left creates the conversation we are having. 4% of the coverage by the media of the Kavanaugh hearings was pro-Kavanaugh. 96% was anti-Kavanaugh. 92% of media coverage of Trump has been negative. If you are surrounded by people who see things the way you do, you become more and more certain that your opinions are facts. These guys are not living and dying to bring you the news. They are living and dying to bring you Leftism! Every news story you hear is the story and the Leftism.

Every argument we are having could be had in a rational way. The only culture war that is going on is about the Constitution and freedom!

Andrew disagrees with Christians who say homosexuality is evil. Homosexuals fall in love just as heterosexuals do. Why deprive them of romantic love? Just because something is "off center" doesn't mean it's wrong. The table is open. The meal is for everybody!

Google, Facebook, Twitter: platforms or publishers? They say they are platforms that just hold speech that goes on there, but they actually are acting like publishers and deciding to censor some speech and favor other speech. As publishers, they can be sued! As platforms, they have no rights to censor people for political reasons. They should be made to behave like a platform and let everybody speak unless the speaker is committing a crime.

Most of the crowd was male. All of the people who asked questions were male.

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