Saturday, December 15, 2012


Walter Russell Meade writes at The American Interest about Advent, the prodigal son, and the good Samaritan.

Advent, as I wrote last week, means “The Coming,” and part of the coming that we have to get ready for is God’s entry into the realm of actual history. The essence of being a believer is to believe that the story of Jesus isn’t a story of legends and poetic myths from the deeps of time. It’s about a series of events that happened (or didn’t happen) in a particular place at a particular time and that still matter today. A man grew up and traveled around the Holy Land telling stories, doing amazing things and claiming to be the son of God. Then he was crucified, died and was buried.

And then he was back, and he’s still back and among us today.

That is the Coming that we are prepping for this time of year: God’s revelation of himself in history, first through his written word, the Bible, and then through his son. Bible Sunday is a good day to reflect on that truth. Jesus isn’t a symbol or an evocative literary figure; he’s a person, he’s real, and he’s coming into our lives.

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