Sunday, July 15, 2012

Smashing the Roberts Taxon

Okay, you want to read something that is laugh-out-loud hilarious satire? Iowahawk writes about the attempt by DNC scientists to disprove the existence of the Roberts Taxon. This is obviously equal in importance to the recent work done by scientists to find the God particle. However, 
"In order to disprove the Taxon, scientists at the HSWC devised a test experiment in their enormous CarneyLab bullshit accelerator. This test involved speeding a small mass of Facton - theoretically containing Roberts' Taxon - and smashing it at near-light speed against a flaming super-dense ionized clod of purified bullshit."

 "We were careful to shroud the collision within the Beltosphere, which is protected with a thick sheath of inert, pliable media," he noted. "As additional protection, we surrounded it with a negatively-charged gaseous squirrel field."

Read the whole thing here:

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Terri Wagner said...

I'm laughing.