Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Will the charlatan be exposed?

We are having fewer cyclones in the North Atlantic. How can that be true, Al Gore? Oh, and here are some more thoughts for you from this superb blogger, Mr. Gore:
Climate change and extreme weather have always happened and always will no matter what we do. Therefore, instead of futilely trying to stop them from occurring, we need to harden our societies to these inevitable events by burying electrical cables underground, reinforcing buildings and other infrastructure, and ensuring reliable energy sources so that we have the power to heat and cool our dwellings as needed.

Gore tells us that his program will “reveal the deniers.” If by “deniers” he means those of us who do not support his belief in an impending human-caused climate catastrophe, then we certainly hope he does reveal us. Gore and Ban alone have had many times the mainstream media coverage of all the skeptics combined. It is time to listen to reputable experts who understand that predicting, let alone controlling, climate decades from now will remain science fiction for the foreseeable future.

That may not be a comforting thought to climate crusaders, but that, Mr. Gore, is the true “climate reality.”


boinky said...

No, they won't notice it.

And I love it when they tell us something is "The worst in recorded weather history" because they didn't start checking weather until 1880...

I was going to note that "cyclone" means a typhoon/hurricane in the Indian ocean, but when I checked, the word is used for a low pressure area with cyclonic winds, and only turns into a "tropical cyclone"/hurricane/tyhoon when the winds get stronger.

Terri Wagner said...

Poor Gore. All he really had to do was stand up and say I got duped by the scientists myself and we'd forgiven him. Stupid is stubborn.