Sunday, September 04, 2011

Reasons for not supporting the Romney candidacy

People make fun of Mitt Romney for being a Mormon, for being rich, for being a technocrat lacking the shoot-from-the-hip charisma of a Rick Perry or Sarah Palin, for proposing and implementing a health care plan in Massachusetts.

Actually, few admit to religious bigotry. Most of the religious bigots choose one of the other reasons to criticize Romney. Bigotry is just not "cool" these days, even though it may be the main real reason why some people will not vote for Romney. Romney openly talks about what he learned as a lay pastor (Mormons use lay pastors, instead of hiring professional pastors) for fourteen years in Massachusetts. He saw real issues people face when they have losses of one kind or another. He saw first-hand how job losses affect families. Being a lay pastor enabled him to practice empathy toward those in need, connect with them, and try to help them find solutions to their predicaments. Those of us who are not Mormons all too often just let our paid pastors, priests, or nuns be the ones who deal with life challenges faced by our fellow believers. Actually, my understanding of the Holy Scriptures is that all believers in Christ are called to be saints in this life, not wait until we die.

Big spending technocrat? Well, he does seem fascinated by examining and becoming knowledgeable about various schemes to improve our nation's productivity, strengthen our defense capabilities, reform our entitlement programs, and make government programs accountable for their successes or failures. Also, he does not want his grandchildren to be saddled with paying debts run up by the current politicians we have elected.

Was he a successful businessman? Yes! Would you rather have a president who has little understanding of what it takes to be productive in the business world, and how government can implement policies that create a climate in which entrepreneurship and innovation is encouraged, rather than obstructed?

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Terri Wagner said...

I have to say that up front religious dealing with people can be very enlightening. And you have it right our lay bishops do the same job as a preacher with the same difficulties and the same situations. Romney does have a shoot from the hip tho.