Monday, September 24, 2007

The Nativity Story, According to Our Six-Year-Old Son

Three-year-old Sara asked her mom, "Why did Mary have the baby Jesus?" Colleen tells Sara all about the need for a Savior, so that our sins can be atoned. Not liking that answer, Sara turns to her six-year-old brother and asks the same question. He answered, "Back in those days, you had to be married to have a baby. She did not want to marry that Joseph guy, so God put the baby Jesus right in her stomach, so she would not have to marry him."


shoprat said...

Wisdom and truth may come with age.

Mimi said...

and who said he wasn't listening in Sunday School !!! ha ha :=)

VW said...

ROTFLMAO!! That boy is very smart.

Bob said...

Or, go away with age!

Yes, he definitely listens.

Yeah. That is why it is such a joy to homeschool him.