Monday, November 06, 2017

The Left is going down in flames, Second Amendment, mental health, Donna Brazile

Andrew Klavan believes the Left is going down in flames. The fact that the media is part of the Left makes it hard to see sometimes, but Andrew is convinced it is happening.

He makes some terrific comments about the Second Amendment and also about mental health problems. He says we no longer have a mental health system in America. When mental asylums closed in the 80s the idea was we were going to have the drugs to control people. But almost all of these killers are on some sort of drugs! Also Andrew mentioned how difficult it is to get a person ordered into treatment for any significant amount of time. I can attest to that. In my career as a child protection worker I ran into that problem over and over again.

Everything the Left does is about getting power over individuals. Hollywood celebrities took time off from raping each other to condemn prayer.

Donna Brazile came in as Chairwoman of the Democratic Party, found that Barack Obama had left the party bankrupt, Hillary Clinton came in and provided the money and the DNC became Clinton's. Sorry, Bernie!

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