Monday, January 16, 2017

Uniqueness, worth, dignity

Ann Voskamp writes,
During World War II, the Forger, who took not one penny for his efforts, saved more than 14, 000 lives.
Martin Luther King said,
“The whole concept of the Imago Dei…the ‘Image of God’ is the idea that all men have something within them that God injected…This gives him a uniqueness, it gives him worth, it gives him dignity.

And we must never forget this…there are no gradations in the Image of God. Every man from a treble white to a bass black is significant on God’s keyboard, precisely because every man is made in the Image of God. One day we will learn that.

We will know one day that God made us to live together as brothers and to respect the dignity and worth of every man.”

Ann writes,
We will never reflect the image of Christ to the world — unless we see the image of God in everyone.

...You won’t be able to bear the grace of your own life, unless you come bearing grace and hope and justice and kindness and life and joy to everyone in your life.

Your life breaks in the deepest ways — unless you lighten your soul by giving forward some of the grace you’ve been given to lighten someone else’s load.
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