Monday, January 16, 2017

Paris "peace" summit declaration contains five offensive anti-Israel components

Aaron Klein reports at Breitbart,
Instead of convening a summit on the ongoing civil war in Syria, or the migrant crisis threatening Europe, or the rampant anti-Semitism plaguing its own country, France on Sunday held a convention attended by over 70 nations to affirm the international community’s commitment to creating a Palestinian state.

Klein lists six items included in the final document that were offensive to Israel.
1 – The text draws a moral equivalency between “violence,” which would include Palestinian terrorism targeting civilians, and “settlement activity,” meaning Israelis building homes in the West Bank or eastern sections of Jerusalem.

2 – The declaration calls for Israel to “fully end the occupation that began in 1967,” language that seems to mean that Israel would need to withdraw from the entire West Bank and eastern Jerusalem and thus shrink the country to indefensible borders.

3 – The declaration patronizes Israel by calling on both parties to “restate” their commitments to the two-state solution.

4 – The declaration gives credibility to the so-called Arab Peace Initiative, which threatens Israel’s security.

5 – The Paris declaration “welcomed” UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which passed last month when the U.S. abstained and refers to the entire West Bank and eastern Jerusalem as so-called occupied Palestinian territories while demanding a complete halt to all Israeli construction in those areas.
Read more here, as Klein explains further each of the five points.

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