Monday, January 16, 2017

Liberals Just Aren’t

Guest post by Suzann Darnall

By Suzann Darnall of

In view of recent events, I have been thinking about those who profess to be tolerant, while calling the rest of us racist, sexist, and whatever other names are on the menu of the daily recycling of fake news. To this end, I did a little research on the word “liberal”. I opted to focus on the basic meaning, not the political, societal form it has taken in America. Liberal has at its base the root “liber” which means “free”. Liberal, Libertarian, and liberty all share this foundation of free or freedom. A meaning which has been perverted in the socalled Liberal Left of American society and especially their political arena.

Among the basic definitions were included such things as:
1. willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one's own
2. open to new ideas
3. freedom and openness to change
4. favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression

Wow! Is that about as far from current truth about Liberals as possible? From what I am seeing in today’s news and on social media, this is not much like our modern American version of Liberal. The whiny brat baby butts we keep hearing from seem to be simply trying to shut down anything and everything they do not personally approve. No respect, no acceptance, no tolerance, and no freedom appears to be their agenda regarding change, as well as personal beliefs, opinions, and expressions.

While I have now come to expect nothing less than hatred, violence, bigotry, threats, and intolerance from the majority of those on the Left, I am still shocked by the toxicity of their utterly discordant agenda. Recent events have taken a vitriolic turn that is disgusting. I thought things were bad enough when some activists were threatening the life of our President-Elect, Donald Trump, but now an actual innocent has been kidnapped, attacked, and tortured by hoodlums. What I find most disgusting is the discussions surrounding these events which try so hard to minimize these crimes as if they are merely the hijinks of free-spirited children or the desperate acts of concerned citizens.

These miscreants are not political dissidents trying to right perceived wrongs in government, they are barbarians bordering on anarchy in an apparent effort to destroy our civilization. They have gone far beyond the pale in attacking individuals, organizations, and businesses. While some are only talking up the violence, others have taken to assault, arson, looting, and even murder. Mayhem follows the vicious and careless rhetoric of the self-proclaimed leaders of the Liberals, Left, Democrats, and their ilk.

I have, after much research and soul-searching, come to the conclusion that the Liberal Leftist lifesphere must be a very dark place indeed. I say this ‘cause I cannot otherwise imagine how they see only evil from anything and everything around them that is not theirs. Not to mention their fear and hatred of anyone and everyone who is not them. It is as if they are imprisoned within very dark walls that allow none of the light, love, laughter, and life than abounds in this world. But, I suspect that those walls and that prison are within their individual souls. I truly believe that they carry the evil with them wherever they go. Projecting it onto others. When, in reality, they are the fearsome monster that haunts their entire existence. At least, in my opinion.

While a part of me despises these hate-mongering Liberals for their despicable acts, another part of me pities them. They will forever be isolated, even within groups of those who are like-minded. Why? Because they can never really trust anything different. They cannot tolerate change. Which means they cannot truly reach out to another person. To make a connection, we have to make a move. Movement requires changing position. Even if that is a movement inside one’s head from one thought to another. Not an easy thing for most. To all appearances, impossible for Liberals.

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