Sunday, January 06, 2013

Who or what is to blame for the Newtown massacre?

The Newtown tragedy continues to be in the news, with all sorts of people trying to use it to advance their pet projects. Leeann at Look! A Baby Wolf tells it like it is.

Let me speak my mind on this, since after all this is my blog and I’m in a rather pissy mood lately:

None of this was a fault of Mrs. Lanza, or the gun industry, or the Second Amendment, or the NRA, or Hollywood, or video games, or the school system, or Apu down at the Kwiky Mart. it is not the fault of the social services, the mental health professions, or Oppa Gangnam Style.

It is solely and completely the fault of the asshole who pulled the trigger. He did it. He is the one to blame. He is at fault and he is the one who will burn in hell if there is any justice in the world and if there is a hell.

Not like those of you who are rational didn’t already know this.

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