Saturday, January 05, 2013

U.S. missiles going to Hamas from Libya

Here's a weird story. Egyptian officials have

uncovered a cache of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles bound for Hamas-controlled Gaza. The most remarkable part of the story is that the missiles were American-made, arriving from Libya according to multiple reports.

That US-made weapons are finding their way from Libya should be of grave concern for American security officials. Presumably these are weapons provided by the Obama administration to the Libyan rebels in their fight against Gaddafi in 2011.

US weapons have also made their way to Syria via Libya with active US assistance according to reports. In October, Russia accused the US of sending Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, a claim that Defense Secretary Panetta denied.

Here is what I find to be the most remarkable part of the story. Why would Egypt object to these weapons going to Hamas? Their government hates Israel as much as Hamas does!

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