Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is love a set up? by Greg Agard, age ten

Jerry is in love with his spatula. His mom makes him date a human. One day his girlfriend came to his house and saw him making out with his spatula. She pulled out a gun and tried to shoot the spatula. The knife leaped off the counter and took the bullet meant for the spatula. The girlfriend ran away crying. The spatula thanked the knife for saving him. Then Jerry got jealous and threw the knife out the window, and the knife hit the dog's tail. The dog squealed and barked. An old lady standing near the dog heard the squealing and tried to run away, but she fell on the ground in the road. A car saw her and came to a sudden halt. The car behind that car couldn't stop, and crashed into the first car. A neighbor saw the wreck and called 911. The cops came and saw the knife on the ground and thought this was a sign of gang members causing trouble. They interrogated the old woman. She told them she saw the knife fly out of the window of Jerry's house and hit the dog. The cops went into Jerry's house. They saw the bullet the girl had fired at the spatula, and decided this was a gang house, so they arrested Jerry and took him to jail. The moral to this story: love is a big set up for a lifetime in the slammer.

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