Thursday, November 01, 2018

Trump: The people's answer to the Leftist narrative-setters

One of Andrew's objectives is to help us clear our minds from the narratives Leftists are putting forth. The news, television, Hollywood affect the emotional atmosphere in which we live. They are in charge of how they make us feel. Andrew tries to shift our perspective so we have a chance to clear our minds from the Leftist narratives. An effect of panic, making us always on the defense, fomented by people who are very talented at making people believe the narrative. Trump throws it right back at them and we are left trying to figure out who is right. CNN and MSNBC attacked Fox News, which has more viewers than the two of them combined.

Trump has exposed them to themselves. He is the people's answer to these Leftist narrative-setters. Before Trump they viciously attacked George W. Bush, then Mitt Romney. The people do not have their echo chamber like the media, academia, Hollywood do on the Left.

The other aspect is the old Left-wing playbook of Leftism. They protect their own, but attack anyone else. Boycott and Divest is a mainstream Left-wing movement that is anti-semitic. Nobody cared on the Left about anti-semitism until they figured they can use it politically. For example, when people on the right criticize George Soros, that is supposed to mean we are anti-semitic and responsible for the killings of Jews in Pittsburg.

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