Thursday, August 30, 2018

Monkeying around with the truth!

Ron DeSantos has been an excellent Congressman and now is running for Governor of Florida this fall. He made a statement using the phrase "monkeying around," and the media is jumping all over it because his Democrat opponent in the fall is a black man. Apparently, Democrats think black people resemble monkeys. Andrew Klavan plays a clip of Barack Obama using the same phrase, about which the media said nothing in 2008.

Carl Bernstein got embarrassed by Lanny Davis big time, because Davis was his source for a CNN story that turned out to be fake! CNN stands by their story! Maybe Nixon wasn't so bad after all! The Washington Post also knew about Kennedy wrongdoing, but covered it up. Andrew's point here is "What are the rules?" Does everybody play by the same rules? No!

Andrew's guest is superb author Heather MacDonald, author of The Diversity Delusion. She talks about the huge lie that the Left is promulgating that America is fundamentally racist and sexist. Campuses are the guardian of that lie. Heather also spends a lot of the interview explaining how diversity rules have victimized minorities.

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