Monday, August 27, 2018

A nasty ride coming up!

Excerpts from Michael Goodwin's column in the New York Post,
...The anti-Trump alliance also raises the stakes even higher in the midterm elections. Every match-up will be a referendum on him, and if Republicans lose either house of Congress, his power ebbs and his troubles instantly expand.

...Yet, for all the glee of his opponents and media doomsaying, only a fool would count the president out. He’s bounced back from the brink before and there are three reasons why he could do it again.

First, it will take something more serious than alleged campaign-finance violations to overturn an election through impeachment. The two-thirds majority vote required for conviction in the Senate was designed to be a stumbling block to factions and passions, and it saved Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal.

Second, Trump can cure the injustice stemming from the one-sided probe by declassifying documents the Justice Department is hiding from Congress and the public.

...I have called this power Trump’s ace in the hole because revealing the dirty details of how insiders tried to steal the election could bolster his support. His refusal to play that card is bewildering.

Trump’s third reason for optimism is the possibility that predictions of a blue wave in the midterms will be as far off the mark as many 2016 polls were. Then he had his America First promises, and now he has major successes, especially the jobs boom.

His record, combined with the sense that he is under siege by a corrupt deep state, could motivate his half of the electorate to show up in full force on Election Day and save his neck once again.

All I know is that the coming months are going to be one ­helluva nasty ride. Here’s hoping people of good will on both sides remember that, in the end, we’re all still Americans.
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