Saturday, August 05, 2017

Recent bests of Sean Spicier on Twitter

One of my favorites on Twitter is a guy who calls himself Sean Spicier. He has a huge following of nitwits who think he is Sean Spicer, so they feel free to sarcasm him relentlessly. Here are some observations he has recently made on news of the day.
An immigration system that favors English speakers? What the hell? Where does he think we are? America?!

Looking forward to Obama officials taking the 5th in front of the grand juries because they can't testify w/o incriminating themselves

I wrote a poem also:
Acosta, Acosta
You opened your mouth to yell, "Gotcha!"
But left yourself open to a kick in the crotcha

Lady Liberty also isn't hollering "Healthcare! Get your free healthcare over here!", but that isn't stopping folks from calling it a right

And the Dow just passed 22K. Good call on the market tanking if Trump won, guys!

DNC; "How do we get more people to vote for us?"

Senator Booker: "Let's get everyone stoned!"

here's actual a "Don't hire Spicer" movement, which is fine because I have enough rubl...err...I mean dollars to last for awhile

Nothing at all to worry about, folks! I'm sure Obama worked a better nuclear deal with Iran than Bill Clinton did with North Korea

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