Friday, August 11, 2017


Sarah Hoyt writes,
So, between the book banners and those who would fire people for sourced documents stating what any neuro-scientist will tell you over breakfast, the left has been on a tear and is going insane.

It is not, as some of my very young friends think, that the left has more dominance or is going more bully-like than ever.

No, this is the mark of a cultural revolution, where the dominant faction is losing its grip. You see, they controlled the entire culture for decades and anyone who talked back was “crazy” and anyone they declared evil or stupid was evil or stupid.

If you lived through the eighties, you remember all the jokes about Ronald Reagan being both evil and stupid, both on network TV and in casual, non-political gatherings. The media reporting made it seem so, so everyone KNEW so.

...The narrative was so uniformly shaped, so pervasively pushed that not only wasn’t it possible to question it without sounding crazy, but the inherent contradictions of the left couldn’t be pointed out.

Now, the good little boys and girls, who have done their best to virtue signal, play by the rules, and always say what “everyone knew” are getting talk back. Worse, some of these people, like Damore, have science on their side. which initiates meltdown, defensiveness and what appears from our point of view like roid rage.

...Asking simple questions like “If men and women are exactly alike, what does a company gain from increasing diversity?” pokes a huge hole in political correctness, and makes it impossible for them to hold these contradictory ideas in their heads in peace. If they tell you it’s because little Suzie who wants to be a programmer is being discriminated against, ask why we should instead discriminate against little Bobby, who wants to be a programmer, if they’re both exactly alike in any thing but sexual organs. We’re not hiring them to have sex, are we? If we must have affirmative action, wouldn’t it be better to pick those people who grew up in poor conditions or something, and ignore other characteristics?

Be polite, be firm. Ask questions. When they tell you that you’re a Nazi or literally Hitler, tell them you’re not, but you’ve been called worse. Then go back to questioning.

Question them everywhere you can, on every front you can without endangering either your job, your life or your family. Question, question, question. Their philosophy is full of contradictions and they can only hold onto it by pretending they’re not there. Don’t let them.

The crazier you make them, the more they flail about, the more the unengaged spectators see that they’re in fact crazy. And the more we win.

It’s time to throw this bastard child of Soviet agitprop in the ash heap of history. Go out there and poke. If you see something, say something. Do not let them think they can go unquestioned.

The end result of their efforts is always a soulless, murderous society.

Use your snark for good, and your logic for fun.

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